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General Overview of Beam Loss Monitoring Systems

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Tech Note
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Håkan Danared
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Håkan Danared
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04 Apr 2011, 13:20
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04 Apr 2011, 13:20
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04 Apr 2011, 13:20
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Beam loss monitors are typically designed to measure the amount and location of beam losses. Also, they are used to tune the accelerator and detect/localize problems in beam steering. Beam loss monitors are a very important part of the machine protection system and therefore need to be accurately designed and reliably constructed. This report briefly describes proton interaction mechanisms with matter, the radiation effects of the inter- action and the ways to detect the radiation. The types of radiation detectors that can be used for measuring beam losses are described and analysis for se- lection is performed (with an emphasis on using the loss monitors for proton linear accelerators). Also the plan on how to optimize the system to pre- cisely detect and distinguish between fast (occurring within microseconds) and slow (occurring within seconds) losses is given.
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