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LLRF Overview and Development in Other Labs

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Tech Note
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Håkan Danared
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Håkan Danared
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04 Apr 2011, 13:17
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04 Apr 2011, 13:17
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04 Apr 2011, 13:21
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Generally, LLRF system can be broken into sub-modules by functionality as shown in the figure below. The LLRF System can run well only if all sub-modules have the good performances. First of all, one should identify the tasks and challenges in each module. By the experience of other labs, for example, there are some: phase noise in Frequency Generation, drift in Phase Reference Distribution, noise and drift in Frequency Conversion, Lorentz detuning and microphonics in Cavity Field and Resonance Control, nonlinearity and noise in RF Control Hardware, and automated operation of large scale LLRF stations. ESS will suffer most of them, and probably some more: spoke cavity, longer pulse, higher current and larger scale. Therefore, it would be helpful to firstly investigate the solutions that have been taken in other labs and learn from them.
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