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Tracking Based Courant-Snyder Parameter Matching in a Linac with a Strong Space-Charge Force

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Conference Proceedings
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Ryoichi Miyamoto
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Ryoichi Miyamoto
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28 Sep 2016, 00:36
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28 Sep 2016, 00:36
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28 Sep 2016, 00:36
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During the design of a hadron linac, matching at the interfaces of different structures or lattice periods is often performed with the linear approximation of the space-charge force. When space-charge is extremely strong, like in the low energy part of the proton linac of the European Spallation Source, such a matching method is not always good enough and could lead to a residual mismatch at the design level. To avoid this, a matching scheme based on iterations of tracking, thus including the full effect of the space-charge force, is developed. This paper presents the scheme itself as well as its application to the ESS linac.
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- Presented at LINAC'16
- The final version after the approval of the editors.
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LINAC16 held from 26 Sep 2016 to 30 Sep 2016
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