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MaxIV Vacuum System

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Georg Hulla
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Georg Hulla
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28 Oct 2014, 17:24
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28 Oct 2014, 17:24
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28 Oct 2014, 17:28
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MAXIV is recently under construction. It will consist of full-energy Linac as injector for the two storage rings (1.5GeV and 3GeV ring) and as a driver for a short pulse facility (SPF). The 3-GeV MAX-IV ring has a seven bend achromats (7BA) lattice and will have a circumference of 528 m and an emittance of around 0.25 pm-rad.
The design of MAXIV 3GeV ring vacuum system is a challenge: the chamber is 22 mm diameter copper tube of 1mm thickness, and using non-evaporable getter (NEG) coating as the main way of reducing the photo-stimulated desorption yield and as distributed pumping.
We will present a short introduction about MAXIV and an overview of the vacuum system for the two storage rings.
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