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ESS Design Manual

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Ryoichi Miyamoto
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Ryoichi Miyamoto
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31 Oct 2013, 11:28
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08 Nov 2013, 22:36
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08 Nov 2013, 22:43
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ESS is a slow neutron source of unparalleled power and scientific performance. It will deliver its first protons to a solid, rotating tungsten target in 2019, which will in turn generate neutrons for delivery to an initial suite of 7 neutron scattering research instruments. ESS will reach its full design specifications in 2025, with a suite of 22 research instruments. The Technical Design Report, published in April 2013, laid out the ESS’s design vision. Its completion signaled that ESS was ready to enter the construction phase of its lifecycle.

As the months and years pass, new details will be added to the design presented in the Technical Design Report, and aspects of the design may be modified in response to new scientific discoveries or changing budgetary circumstances. This Design Manual is therefore a living document that will reflect updates and refinements to the ESS design on an ongoing basis as they receive approval from the ESS management team.

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- 2013-11-08: Prototype Ver (Ch-1 and Sec-4.8 modified from TDR)
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