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IFJ PAN contribution to international projects by Dariusz Bocian (IFJ PAN)

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27 Jun 2013, 14:58
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The Henryk Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IFJ PAN) in Krakow, Poland, carries out basic and applied research in physics. The IFJ PAN activity extends into interdisciplinary research in a range of related fields and also stimulates technology transfer to the industry and to spin-off companies.
The IFJ PAN participated in a number of international projects. Currently, teams of engineers and technicians are involved in European XFEL and LHC consolidation activities. In European XFEL IFJ PAN is responsible for acceptance test of 100 superconducting magnets, 840 superconducting cavities and 100 accelerator cryomodules, establishment and handling of local data bases and programming of the measuring equipment. At LHC IFJ PAN is responsible for quality verification of electrical circuits of the superconducting magnets at warm and at cold, engineering, prototyping and programming of the measuring equipment and quality verification of interconnections between the superconducting magnets. The IFJ PAN contribution to these international project, namely European XFEL, LHC as well as W7-X will be presented.
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