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Stakeholder Consultations on Neutron Beam Shutter Options

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Study Report
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Phillip M Bentley
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Phillip M Bentley
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04 Jun 2013, 17:37
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04 Jun 2013, 17:37
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04 Jun 2013, 17:37
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There has been recent interest in the specifications of the neutron beam shutters within the target monolith, and whether those specifications will best serve the stakeholders during the construction and operation of the ESS facility. The Cross Functional Working Group on Beam Extraction was tasked by the ESS management in the summer of 2012 to address the feasibility and design of the baseline target monolith. Some differences of opinion were discovered during this process in the matter of primary shutters. As a result, a stakeholder consultation was held to establish use cases of shutters and to identify a number of scenarios and the viewpoints held by the various parties concerned, to try to evaluate some of the options.
This document summarises this endeavour. Four options were considered. In descending order of functionality and scope of changes to the baseline target design, these are:
A primary shutter located inside the monolith
A primary shutter located outside the monolith but within the common shielding bunker
A service shutter (i.e. the current baseline)
No shutter
From an operational viewpoint, the primary shutter inside the monolith was the option providing the greatest functionality, but from a project viewpoint this would have the greatest consequences in terms of change to the baseline and impact on the project planning. Conversely, the option without a shutter would make the construction project the easiest to realise but with an adverse affect on the utility and operations of the facility during the latter operational phase.
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