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Physical Properties of Niobium: origin of the specifications for fabrication of SRF cavities: TUTORIAL by Claire Antoine (IRFU/CEA)

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Annika Nordt
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Annika Nordt
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31 May 2013, 20:29
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31 May 2013, 20:29
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31 May 2013, 20:29
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The specifications of the Niobium for SRF application result from a compromise between several opposing requirements: best surface resistance is not compatible with good thermal properties; good forming properties are not compatible with good mechanical resistance, high purity allows good thermal properties at the prejudice of mechanical properties, and so on…
Knowing better the physical reason for each specification line allows adapting them to each specific application, preventing the use of too stringent requirement when not necessary. Tailoring the specification to the actual needs can alleviate the price of the initial material and the following fabrication process. In complement to today’s morning seminary on SRF cavities we will concentrate in this tutorial on the thermal and mechanical properties of the initial niobium material and see how it relates to specifications. I will try to show how some specifications need to be strictly observed while some others can be relieved depending on the future application of the material.
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