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First Considerations for the Design of the ESS Cryo-Modules

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Tech Note
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Andreas Jansson
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Andreas Jansson
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01 Feb 2011, 22:05
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01 Feb 2011, 22:05
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01 Feb 2011, 22:24
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The ESS superconducting radio-frequency (SRF) linac aims at accelerating, focusing and ensuring the stability of proton beams from 50 M eV up to 2.5 GeV . It is now well established that spoke resonators, thanks to their high accelerating efficiency and mechanical stability, are good candidates to cover the energy range from 50 M eV up to 150 M eV . Elliptical cavities will then accelerate the beam up to 2.5 GeV . In order to give a first approximation of the linac dimension and to outline methods of cryostating, two different layouts have been investigated. Both of them are based on spoke and elliptic SRF cavities but with two different philoso- phies: either segmented design or not segmented design. These two approaches are presented and details of each layout are given in terms of lattice type, accelerat- ing gradient or cryostat length and diameter. The study estimates the static and dynamic heat loads to provide a comparison of the two methods of cryostating.
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