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Microwave Schottky diagnostic systems for the Fermilab Tevatron, Recycler, and CERN LHC

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Andreas Jansson
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Andreas Jansson
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01 Feb 2011, 21:01
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01 Feb 2011, 21:01
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01 Feb 2011, 21:37
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A means for non-invasive measurement of transverse and longitudinal characteristics of bunched beams in synchrotrons has been developed based on high sensitivity slotted waveguide pickups. The pickups allow for bandwidths exceeding hundreds of MHz while maintaining good beam sensitivity characteristics. Wide bandwidth is essential to allow bunch-by-bunch measurements by means of a fast gating system. The Schottky detector system is installed and successfully commissioned in the Fermilab Tevatron and Recycler and CERN LHC synchrotrons. Measurement capabilities include tune, chromaticity, and momentum spread of single or multiple beam bunches in any combination. With appropriate calibrations, emittance can also be measured by integrating the area under the incoherent tune sidebands.
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