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Wolfgang Hees of European Spallation Source - ESS AB is listed as an author on some version of the following documents:
See documents with Wolfgang Hees as an author only on the most recent version.

ESS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
274-v15 ESS Technical Design Report Steve Peggs Vacuum
Beam Physics
ESS General
Beam Instrumentation
27 Jun 2013
243-v1 Cryogenics at the European Spallation Source Wolfgang Hees Cryogenics
27 Nov 2012
211-v1 Preliminary Heat Load Estimates of Some Cryogenic Components for ESS Wolfgang Hees et al. Cryogenics
25 Jun 2012
189-v1 SLAT Mission Statement Wolfgang Hees ESS General
11 Apr 2012
179-v1 high beta cryomodules and utility module in tunnel 3D model Wolfgang Hees Cryogenics
26 Mar 2012
166-v1 The ESS Cryomodule Design: Change towards a Segmented Linac Christine Darve et al. Cryogenics
14 Feb 2012
132-v1 The ESS and the challenge of designing its cryomodules Wolfgang Hees Cryogenics
07 Oct 2011
121-v1 Layout of the ESS Linac Håkan Danared et al. Beam Physics
14 Sep 2011
78-v1 ESS Cryogenics: General Considerations, Space Requirements and Head Load Estimates Wolfgang Hees Cryogenics
05 May 2011

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