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Annika Nordt of European Spallation Source - ESS AB is listed as an author on some version of the following documents:
See documents with Annika Nordt as an author only on the most recent version.

ESS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
360-v4 Internal Note: A Study of ESS HEBT Collimator Options Håkan Danared et al. Beam Physics
22 Apr 2015
311-v1 Workshop on PLC Based Interlock Systems for Accelerators and Other Large Research Installations Annika Nordt Controls
05 Dec 2013
289-v1 TRIUMF Accelerators and the ARIEL Project Annika Nordt ESS General
24 Jul 2013
274-v15 ESS Technical Design Report Steve Peggs Vacuum
Beam Physics
ESS General
Beam Instrumentation
27 Jun 2013
278-v1 Superconducting RF cavities: breaking the Niobium monopoly by Claire Antoine (IRFU/CEA) Annika Nordt ESS General
31 May 2013
277-v1 Physical Properties of Niobium: origin of the specifications for fabrication of SRF cavities: TUTORIAL by Claire Antoine (IRFU/CEA) Annika Nordt ESS General
31 May 2013
276-v1 AD Seminar From the drawing board to the particle beam – the CERN experience in building and operating linear accelerator by M. Vretenar Annika Nordt ESS General
23 May 2013
265-v1 AD Seminar Emmanuel Tsesmelis (CERN): The LHC and Beyond – Past, Present and Future Annika Nordt ESS General
23 Mar 2013
262-v1 AD Seminar by S. Wagner: Quantitative Reliability Analysis in the Design of Interlock Systems for Machine Protection Annika Nordt ESS General
13 Mar 2013
259-v1 AD seminarino by Marc Munoz: ALBA Light Source: a very short summary Annika Nordt ESS General
07 Mar 2013
258-v1 AD Seminar (E. Tanke):Preparations for Installation, Testing and Commissioning based on Experience at CERN, SNS and Siemens Annika Nordt ESS General
07 Mar 2013
255-v1 AD Seminar: Simulation of Accelerator-related radiation fields at CERN and GSI/FAIR Annika Nordt ESS General
20 Feb 2013
247-v1 AD Seminar: Construction to Commissioning of the LHC: the Expected and Unexpected Annika Nordt ESS General
30 Nov 2012
242-v1 AD Seminar: Design of Elliptical Cavities Annika Nordt ESS General
16 Nov 2012
240-v1 AD Seminar: OSTs (Oscillating Superleak Transducers) and Temperature Mapping Diagnostics for High Gradient 704 MHz Cavities Annika Nordt ESS General
15 Nov 2012
239-v1 AD Seminar: What is a Post Mortem System Annika Nordt ESS General
15 Nov 2012
237-v1 Operational Experience, Recent Experimental Achievements and Future Goals of the Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility - SARAF Annika Nordt ESS General
15 Nov 2012
224-v1 Operational Machine States and Modes Annika Nordt Controls
26 Sep 2012

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